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the whirly girl


Publikworks proudly presents — changes. New theme, new look, new tag. The whole shootin’ match. It’s the easy road, naturally, the one requiring the least effort. I spent minutes deciding on a ready-made design, pushed a button and, Bob’s your uncle, a brand new shiny blog. Hey, I lifted a finger, so the credit is deservedly mine. Alone.

With stats in free fall, extreme measures were necessary. Nearly all the options under consideration involved planning and effort and thought, a buckling down which I didn’t like the sound of. Seriously, a complete overhaul? No. Raise my standards? Pfft, what standards? Quit? The thought crossed my mind, and more than once, but no. I’m not a quitter, I’m a slacker.

Changing themes is a Band-Aid on a stab wound, I know, but it’s something. You might want to prepare for some unwelcome fallout, just in case. See, there’s bound…

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