She Spray-Painted Some PVC Pipes And Made Something Totally Gorgeous

PVC pipes are made for plumbing, but their price and practicality make them perfect for so much more. You can use PVC pipes to organize your garden shed, to store shoes, or even to make music. We don’t tend to think of PVC pipes as elegant, but with this DIY project from Craftbits, you can turn them into something gorgeous and green for your home. All you need is a can of spray paint and a few seedlings to get started.

To start, Shellie at Craftbits grabbed some PVC pipe, joints, a hammer, gold spray paint, a valve, and a few plants.

She started putting the pipes and joints together.

You can get however creative you want here (or you can copy Shellie’s design).

Once she assembled the pipes, she spray-painted the fixture a copper hue.

For an added utilitarian flair, she put a valve on one end.

The last step is to put the plants in the fixture and mount it.

All it takes are four well-placed nails to keep it up.

This is so cute and so simple to create!

(source Craftbits)

I’ve never made anything with PVC pipe before, but this cool planter makes me want to pick some up today. This is such an easy way to bring green into a space. I’m definitely going to create my own design and make something similar ASAP.


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