The Couple at Sunset

jen groeber: mama art

Tonight my two girls and I saw our neighbors walking down the road in front of our house. We hadn’t seen them for awhile, not since they found us trying to sled on the hill out front with sleds made of duct tape, plastic bags and old boogey boards earlier this winter.

View of the cove with a duct tape sled in the foreground A great view. A pathetic duct tape sled.
February 2015

It had been bitingly cold that day, and I was recovering from one of those mornings where someone was melting down at all times. It was the day my husband had mistakingly driven away with our sleds, when we were tired of the snow, our board games and card games and, honestly, of each other. It was Valentine’s Day.

I distractedly shared the blah, blah of the kids’ recent accomplishments, asked after this couple’s children and grandchildren. He seemed especially bright-eyed and eager to connect while she seemed uncharacteristically…

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